Reflections of a SpEd Teacher

Daily reflections of a reassigned special education teacher, awaiting her fate.

A schoolyear in teacher jail.

I spent a year in teacher jail, otherwise known as a reassignment center in the  NYC D.O.E. for teacher's who have complaints against them or some kind of charges, For example; corporal punishment, incompetency,or dear I say their principal didn't like them.  What a waste of good teaching experience and wisdom. I was and still are a "Rubber Room Teacher", and in September I still can't teach and don't know where I'm going. New York City has closed the reassignment centers and will let me and hundreds of other teachers know where we are going, in August. Supposedly, we are going back to the district offices we came from (BTW, they don't want us), or a Child Educational Center. I have so much to say about NYC "rubber rooms", but its to much for one blog post. I plan, to write each week about one of many experiences I had in Teacher Jail.Smile Sad

Your probably wondering why I was spent there in the first place, and I wish I could write about my charges, but because my charges are still pending resolution, as per my lawyer, {BTW, he is provided for me by my union at no cost to me}, I can't talk about my charges. But, I needed to express how it felt being coup up and watched by a supervisor and de facto security. I hated it, it felt like a total waste of time and money. Even though I was getting paid, and still am, but why couldn't I be teaching, which I love doing. Plus the rubber rooms are very depressing and demoralizing. I think they were design to break you down, make you feel depress and cause you to either quit, loss your love of teaching, or use your spirit or mind. I've seen teachers breakdown and just leave, especially those who aren't used to being coup up in a room full of strangers, at a table with people you don't know and sometimes don't like.  I had six people at my table, and I happen to like them and admire their strength and tenacity. They are and will remain my friends. Thank god for them, many days I wanted to walk out and tell the D.O.E. to kiss my ***. But, I'll wait to see what happens to me. I wish I could retire, but I can't. I don't have the age or the years. That's all for now. Bye. BTW, I'm on twitter, my user name is Turtlelover50. Look me up.Smile

Teacher's are the new scrapegoats

Lately, teachers have been the hot topic. Along with Charter schools and educational cuts. In a major newspaper in New York City, teachers are being attack on a daily bases.  New York officials want to end tenure, suspend teachers without pay, hold us accountable for student test scores and of course, they want give backs. Why is this happening now, one reason is because NYC teachers contract is up and our Mayor has been trying to crush our union for years.  One NYC newspaper wants to turn the public against us, by printing unsubstantiated stories or allegations made against teachers that were proved innocence and allow to go back to work.

Parents need to understand that teachers have a hard job, we are responsible for educating their children, dealing with an administration, that are sometimes is abusive, menacing and not supportive, in some cases. But, there are instances when the school administration is supportive, kind,helpful, and truly want to help their teachers grow and become the best teachers they can be.  In my opinion, teachers, parents, and other staff must come together to build a supportive loving community, for the betterment of the children they serve. Sadly, in New York City this is not happening, teachers are the new scapegoats. We are societies reason that schools are failing and students aren't succeeding. Remember, this most teachers go into teaching, because they truly love children and love teaching. We love to see the spark in a child's eye, when him or her get it. There's no better feeling than, when a student walks up to you and says 'thank you for teaching me". About two years ago, that actually happen to me, I"ll never for get it. That's all for now.Indifferent

Jury Duty

Got to keep it short, a good book on Civil duty, jury duty, and prejudice is 12 Angry Men,use it with your english class and then watch the movie.. Done them both, and my high school class loved it Im on jury duty now, and I started thinking about the book  Take Care

Teachers who feel their above the Law.

As a teacher, you know each student has a different personality and role to play in the classroom, and it's interesting to watch your students play theirs roles. It's also a good indicator what type of adult they will turn out to be. I find human behavior and interactions interesting. For instance, some students are peacemakers, fighters, helpers, smart, sweet, mean, quiet, and loud.  It’s the same with the teachers in a school. There are the fighters, who are always fighting with the administration over stupid things, like time attendance, seating arrangements, class assignments or whatever bothers them. Then, there are the troublemakers, who feel rules and regulations don’t apply to them. They come into place and try to start trouble. For instance, a new teacher came into the room and was told she had to stay on one floor and she refused, and went to another room. By doing this she totally ignore the supervisor’s instructions, and told him she didn’t have to listen to him and he had no power over her. Then, she wrote a letter to the head person and started quoting rules and regulations. I dislike people like this, because they try to upset the status quo and feel they know it all, and rules don’t apply to them. They feel their above the law. All their doing is making things bad for everyone, because the supervisors will come in and change everything. Things will become bad for us all. The situation is bad for all of us in this room and not getting better. We don’t need troublemakers.     IndifferentSuper Angry

First post: Monday Madness in my new room.

This is my first blog post and I have so much I want to say, but I must choose my words wisely because of my situation. I have been teaching for 20 years, but now I'm sitting in a room awaiting my fate. When I was teaching,I was always complaining about my supervisors and students. Now, I wish I was back teaching. I've worked in many settings from a junior high school, two different hospitals schools, and an early intervention classroom. The children were multiply handicapped, and for three years I worked with mentally ill students. I had the high school class. On a daily bases I dealt with emotional outbursts, fights, depressed teens who sat in the corner and said nothing all day. Now, I'm in a room with emotionally distress adults, who have outbursts, arguments with there fellow colleagues, and some sit in a corner or a room and say nothing to there colleagues all day. How strange is that, I must talk to people around me.  A year ago I would have never thought I would have ended up here. Monday's are always interesting, because people don't want to be here, and it's always tense and crazy.Smile Today, people were crying over a shades card game, someone else was upset over an upcoming hearing, another person was rolling around in a chair, bothering people.  I come in late as usual and start bitching about the parking. I'm not a morning person, even when I was working. That's all for now. Blog you later. AngryIndifferent